"Sei mir gegrüsst, verirrter Pilger, und preise den Herrn, der deine Schritte lenkte und dich zu mir leitete, denn ich will dich auf den rechten Weg zurückführen......"

[Melchior Grün und die Kirche des Wurmes]

"Greetings, lost pilgrim, and praise the Lord who guided your steps and brought you to me, for I will lead you back to the right path..."

[Melchior Grün and the Church Of The Worm]

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Latest Update: 26. 11.2016

Removed sold painting from the "Available Paintings"gallery

Added three drawings to the "Available Drawings" gallery

Update: 19. 9. 2016

New gallery in the Graphic section: "Kranzedan", showing the project I'm currently working on: A series of short and very short stories, telling about the bizarr disappearances of the Kranzedan.

New gallery in the Home section: "Available Drawings" displaying a list of currently available drawings and watercolours.

New gallery in the Home section: "Available Paintings" displaying a list of currently available oil paintings

New pictures in the gallery "Pavor Nocturnus" in the Painting section

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